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1 Hour

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Emergency Support

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Continuous Learning

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Exam Preparation

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1 Hour Speaking session

Are you seeking constructive practice in English speaking ? Select this option if you

Emergency Support

Do you have a presentation to give? A conference to attend? An interview? 
Do you have a piece of work you need to submit?
Are you applying for a job that requires an exceptional English resume or application?

Together we can get you through this challenge. I can help you prepare for interview and review your written submissions.

Be confident that your technical English is correct and culturally appropriate.

Get invaluable tips on delivery of spoken English and how to keep your audience’s interest.

If you need some short term help, send me your work or contact me and we can arrange the time you need.

Intensive 10 Session Course

Join my Presentation or Communication Course for Intensive training if

These courses are great for those who need big improvements in a short space of time. Gain confidence and see the results in a few short weeks. With guided learning and offline practice you can align your new skills with the job you want tomorrow

Extended Learning

If you have a good grounding in the English language and can hold basic conversations, we can work together on advanced techniques to achieve fluency. 

At this level we will build your existing knowledge of English, working on:

Sessions are appropriate to your level and the pace is reflected in your ability to commit to the sessions. In just 20 sessions your professional development and capabilities will excel so be prepared to experience a noticeable improvement after every lesson.

Practice free-flowing conversation relevant to your professional life using role play exercises. In this course we can practice casual conversation or small talk that is a vital part of building relationships at work and socially. Fluency and confidence speaking is the ultimate goal. With my continuous learning programme I will get you there.

Exam preparation

Are you seeking English speaking accreditation?

You have goals that require English accreditation or proficiency. It may be for a work or study visa. A lot depends on your success. For some people this involves intensive pre-exam study, for others they plan ahead and work towards the necessary level.  

My experience tells me most students do not perform at their best level in exams. They fail to study exam technique and understand the specific criteria to maximise their exam grade.

You will learn exam requirements and marking criteria and how to achieve higher marks.
We will focus on listening, speaking and pronunciation skills. 

I will identify areas of weakness in your writing and improve them. 
We will practice mock tests until you go into the real exam feeling confident.


This session is free. We will talk about your goals, what you need and create a strategy to achieve your professional success.

Book a strategy session