Advanced English: Invest and upgrade to compete

English is the lingua franca in many fields. If you are ambitious and have climbed academically and within your industry you must also invest time in Advancing your English.

Communicate confidently and professionally

More Than a Teacher

Forget your previous learning experiences.
Forget the frustrations of slowly acquiring new vocabulary.
Forget text books and grammar.

I´m Debbie from Global-English and I use my unique blend of skills and expertise to make English the key to your success in your professional life.

If you dream of using English without stress or worrying that it limits your chances of achieving the success you deserve, then read on.

Where to Learn: On-Line Learning

The vast majority of my teaching is done online. As the business world shifted online during the pandemic, so too did education. The scepticism of on-line learning has gone and been replaced with a range of benefits that can be better achieved online. One profound tool is using session recordings to observe your own. When learning on-line, you and your staff can join classes whenever and wherever they are available. With this added flexibility, we can run more tailored courses with smaller groups. Aside from convenience and the cost benefits of on-line learning, the interaction between teacher and students is more focused and intense, yet more relaxed in other ways. An overall wonderful learning experience.

Advanced English: Essential for international business

Advanced English: Power to influence and contribute

Let's get fluent

Advanced English requires different techniques and skill to boost your progress. Maximum impact in minimal time.
The goal is your fluency. Our strategy depends on you taking the first step today.

Advanced English: Overseas work and study preparation

Delivering a seminar or talking through a proposal can be a daunting prospect in your first language, but maybe for you doing it in English is terrifying. Reading from a script, poor accent control from years of learning with non-native English speakers and an inability to connect with your audience will undermine your professionalism. We can work on how to deliver your message clearly and confidently. Signalling language, intonation, pausing, word stress. All these tools will be explored and practiced.

Whether you have regular team meetings in English, online collaborations or occasional presentations, be sure that the professionalism you bring to your role is not undermined by cultural insecurity, poor pronunciation or a level of English that seems ok on paper but collapses when put to the test in the real world.

Management: Bring you and your team to the highest level possible

Do poor ENGLISH skills prevent you from showcasing the quality of your team, your service or your product in the world of business? The importance of Advanced English in business cannot be understated. Low level English will allow you to function at a basic business level, but Advanced English is essential for a professional service. It removes ambiguities in your business communication, makes you aware of the subtleties that can convey respect or offence to your client and offer a level of professionalism that is expected from multinational business.

Nowadays specialised Advanced English training is essential. General English classes are not going to provide you with the depth and scope of language you need to shine. They are designed around people who have time to study but in the business world we need immediate results, practical skills and coping strategies to let us be successful.

Let me coach you with communication strategies that will maximise your current language skills and fine tune your accent

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